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Teaching of Ultrasound Physics Series

As part of the Pegasus College Program, instructors receive a myriad of support material,
at no additional cost. As part of that support material, this course provides teaching techniques for
ultrasound physics concepts that students often find difficult to understand.


Frank Miele’s popular “Teaching of Ultrasound Physics” seminar is now available online! Educators can take part in this valuable teaching series without having to spend time away from the classroom and family. Choose to view the entire eCourse or selected modules. All from the convenience of your home or office computer.

The seminar is divided into modules covering important physics topics such as: Doppler, bioeffects, foundational and relational mathematics, transducers, and artifacts. In addition, structural modules cover critical topics such as writing good exams and test taking strategies. Teaching techniques are given for physics concepts that ultrasound students often find difficult to understand. This series was recorded in webinar format.

Module 1: SPI and US Physics (1 hr)
Module 2: The Value of Math in Ultrasound (1.5 hrs)
Module 3: Transducers (1 hr)
Module 4: Artifacts (1 hr)
Module 5: Bioeffects (1 hr)
Module 6: Teaching Doppler (1.5 hrs)
Module 7: Hemodynamics (3 hrs)
Module 8: Writing Great Exams (1 hr)
Module 9: Test Taking Strategies (1 hr)


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