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Pediatric Echocardiography Review

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Module 1: Pediatric Echo Exam
Discusses the complete pediatric echo examination with emphasis on particular views which are unique to the pediatric examination


Module 2: Assessment of Function
Presents the techniques used to assess cardiac function, anatomy, and cardiac hemodynamics.


Module 3: Embryology and Fetal Circulation
Special emphasis on areas of cardiac embryology that lead to certain types of congenital defects.

Module 4: Hemodynamics
After covering normal hemodynamics, Dr. Humes discusses how blood flow and cardiac pressures are impacted by congenital heart disease.

Module 5a: Congenital Shunts, Part I
This module covers simple shunts, the most common form of congenital heart disease.


Module 5b: Congenital Shunts, Part II
In Part II we discuss somewhat less common, but important, congenital shunt lesions.


Module 6: Obstructive Lesions
Dr. Humes stresses the importance of determining anatomy, measuring gradients, and assessing valvular dysfunction.

Module 7: Arch and Great Vessels
Dr. Humes discusses coarctation of the aorta, interrupted aortic arch, the vascular ring, and more.


Module 8: Conotruncal Abnormalities
This module addresses a very complex and highly variable group of congenital problems.

Module 9: Single Ventricle
Anatomy, clinical presentation, echocardiographic findings, and clinical/ surgical decisions of single ventricle disorders.

Module 10: Conoronary Anomalies
Dr. Humes highlights rare congenital problems with illustrations and ultrasound images.


Module 11: Post-Operative Assessment
Dr. Humes discusses some of the operations performed to correct or palliate congenital defects.

Module 12: Acquired Disease
Dr. Humes presents various pediatric diseases with cardiac consequences, including Marfan syndrome.


Module 13: Procedures
Dr. Humes discusses some procedures for which echocardiography can be a useful imaging tool.