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Vascular Technology ExamSim Program

Confidently assess your level of preparedness for the Vascular Technology credentialing exam with the Vascular Technology ExamSim program! You can now gain immediate access with the new, downloadable format containing three, full-length Vascular Technology mock exams with 170 questions per exam. A patented Intelligent Analysis Package (Patent No. 7,286,793) gives a detailed report of your level of preparedness for the Vascular Technology credentialing exam. Following the completion of each exam attempt, you will be able to review your exam score and a detailed analysis of your performance as it relates to specific subject topics and question types. Additionally, the time spent answering each question is analyzed, allowing you to evaluate not only if you have answered the questions correctly, but also whether you have done so in an expeditious manner. After completing each exam and reviewing your performance analysis, the program allows for a review session that displays the test questions, the answers you selected, the correct answers, and a detailed explanation for each item. Each individual exam can be accessed for a score eight times (72 hours of testing), with unlimited access to the comprehensive review.

Candidates preparing for the CCI Registered Vascular Sonographer (RVS) exam should also purchase the Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation ExamSim Program to cover the physics components of the RVS exam.

Pegasus ExamSim programs are now downloadable, giving you immediate access. You can choose to purchase one, two or the Complete ExamSim Vascular Technology Package with three, full-length exams.

Author: Marsha Neumyer, BS, RVT, FSVU, FSDMS, FAIUM
Editors: Carol Gannon RN, RVT, RDCS, FSVU, Frank Miele, MSEE




** This program is designed to operate on computer and laptop platforms (PC and MAC).

** Not compatible with iPad


  1 Exam: $54.00 VIP: $48.00
  2 Exams: $94.00 VIP: $86.00
  3 Exams: $118.00 VIP: $108.00
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