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Package 4: Pediatric Echocardiography References

• Pediatric Pocket Reference
• Fetal Cardiac Embryology Animation

Pediatric Pocket Reference
A must have for any sonographer involved in Pediatric Echocardiography! The table of contents includes Standard Views, Congenital Heart Pathology, Acquired Heart Disease, Values and Formulas and over 55 pages of Appendixes and tables of important data. The third edition provides improvements in the text, an update of material and line diagrams, inclusion of two-dimensional and cardiac Doppler examples and a better how-to measurement and calculation section. Additionally the book has been reorganized alphabetically so that the reader will be able to locate topics rapidly.

Author: Terry Reynolds, BS, RDCS
Copyright: 2002
Spiral Bound: 409 pages

Fetal Cardiac Embryology Animation
Featuring week by week development of the fetal heart, this animation is fully narrated and provides multi-view detail of fetal cardiac embryology. Detailed annotations and circulatory diagrams aid in clarifying the multiple stages of development and potential for cardiac defects to occur. Prenatal and post-birth hemodynamics are presented as well. An additional, interactive version is included with CheckPoints to reinforce key concepts.

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