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Fundamentals of Fetal Echocardiography eCourse

The Fetal Echocardiography series provides a comprehensive resource for physicians, sonographers and healthcare professionals interested in learning more about or integrating fetal echocardiography into their practice. Beginning with a review of the fetal cardiac anatomy, interactive didactic lectures cover a plethora of fetal cardiac pathologies as well as focusing on how to recognize the sick fetus, how to implement a multi-disciplinary approach to perinatal management and, when applicable, surgical options to consider. Since the ability to recognize pathology is based on a solid understanding of normal anatomy and physiology, we have included a ScanLab which demonstrates the normal fetal cardiac anatomy and physiology, including color and spectral Doppler. In addition to scanning techniques and protocols, Dr. Gardiner provides technical tips throughout the ScanLab to aid in image optimization. Interactive CheckPoints are integrated throughout the series to reinforce key concepts, aiding in maximum retention of the content presented. As with all Pegasus Lectures’ online courses, the participant is able to create a customized review.

Course modules:
Module 1: Cardiac Anatomical Screening and Basic Circulation
Module 2: Fetal Cardiac ScanLab
Module 3: Left Heart Obstruction
Module 4: Right Heart Obstruction
Module 5: Shunts
Module 6: Conotruncal Defects, Part I
Module 7: Conotruncal Defects, Part II
Module 8: Fetal Arches and the Three Vessel/Trachea View (3VT)
Module 9: Single Ventricle
Module 10: Atrial Isomerism
Module 11: Recognizing the Sick Fetus
Module 12: Fetal Arrhythmias
Module 13: Genetic Associations
Module 14: Systemic Venous Anomalies

This activity is approved for 16.5 SDMS CME credits.

Course Materials:
Participant receives a link to the presentation in printable PowerPoint format.

Computer Requirements:
For PC users, Google Chrome is the recommended browser.
MAC users will need to view this program on the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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