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Second & Third Trimesters - Module 2: Placenta

Module 2 of the Second and Third Trimester section of the OB/GYN series covers the placenta and begins with a review of embryology, the formation of membranes, and placental anatomy. Maternal circulation, fetal circulation, and placental vascularization are covered in the normal anatomy section. Following a review of normal chorial attachments, placental abnormalities are discussed including circummarginate and circumvallate placenta variants and accessory types such as succenturiate, bipartite, and annular placenta. Sonographic findings of intraplacental lesions including subchorionic, intraplacental, and retroplacental hematomas, placental calcifications and chorioangiomas are demonstrated through case examples. The final section of this module addressers placenta previa variants, placental abruption, chronic retroplacental hematoma, and abnormalities of adherence.

Viewing Time: 32 min
Customized Review: 24 min

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CME: This activity is approved for 1.0 SDMS CME (These credits are ARDMS-accepted CME credits.)

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