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Package 3: Basic Breast Ultrasound Review


  • Breast Ultrasound eCourse
  • Breast Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Sonographer’s Guide

    Breast Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Sonographer’s Guide is a comprehensive, 200 page workbook which provides a review of anatomy and physiology, ultrasound instrumentation and technique as related to breast image, and the pathophysiology and sonographic feature of benign and malignant breast disease. Additional information is provided on correlative imaging techniques such as mammography, MRI, and lymphoscintigraphy, as well as a review of breast implants and interventional procedures. Extensive graphics and images make this a perfect guide for students and breast healthcare professionals.

    Breast Ultrasound eCourse: The Breast Ultrasound Review eCourse was created to provide a comprehensive foundation of the use of ultrasound in the evaluation of breast tissue and to provide CME specific to the area of breast sonography. More specifically, this course aids both ARDMS and ARRT candidates in their preparation for their certification exams in Breast Ultrasound. Designed in a flexible, modular format, topics include Instrumentation Sonographic Assessment of the Breast, Anatomy and Physiology, Sonomammographic Correlation, Ultrasound Descriptors of Cyst and Solid Mass Assessment, and Benign Breast Conditions and Masses. Additional modules focus on Breast Malignancy, Sonography of the Male Breast, Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction, and Supplemental Diagnostic Examinations.

    The Breast eCourse is approved for 15.5 SDMS CME

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