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Breast Ultrasound

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Module 1: Breast Sonography Instrumentation
Methods of image optimization including transducers, system controls, and Doppler techniques.

Module 2: Breast Sonography Examination
Clinical history, grayscale optimization, scanning with subareolar imaging maneuvers are covered.

Module 3: Breast Development, Anatomy, and Physiology
Case examples demonstrate breast anatomy, sonographic correlation, and hormonal changes.

Module 4: Sonomammographic Correlation
Sonomammographic correlation is covered with mammography techniques, density, and sonographic mass detection.

Module 5: Benign Breast Conditions
Clinical features and sonographic appearance of benign breast conditions, fibrocystic changes, simple cysts and more are discussed.


Module 6: Benign Solid Breast Masses
Focusing on multiple types of solid breast masses, mammographic and sonographic features and pattern variations are discussed.

Module 7: Breast Malignancy
Non-invasive and invasive breast cancers are discussed with a review of inflammatory carcinoma, metastatic disease, staging, and tumor recurrence.

Module 8: Sonography of the Male Breast
Development of male breast cancer and the associated risk factors and the mammographic/sonographic appearance are reviewed.

Module 9: Supplemental Diagnostic Examinations
Supplemental diagnostic examinations covered include contrast MRI, ductography, lymphoscintigraphy, and elastography.

Mod 10: Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction
Ultrasound assessment of breast implants is presented with cases demonstrating intra and extracapsular rupture.