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Abdomen Modules (all) Back to Products

Module 1: Liver
The first of ten modules, covers liver anatomy, basic physiology, hepatic circulation, liver function tests, and laboratory values.

Module 2: Pathology of the Liver
Topics covered include cirrhosis, hepatitis, metastatic disease, benign masses, polycystic liver disease, abscesses, and trauma.

Module 3: Gallbladder and BIliary Tree
Covers anatomy, landmarks and laboratory values for gallbladder and biliary disease, and obstruction.

Module 4: Pancreas
Module 4 covers pancreatic anatomy and exocrine and endocrine function as well as pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

Module 5: Kidneys and Urinary Tract
Renal anatomy and function is covered, followed by variants and defects of the urinary bladder.


Module 6: Kidneys and Urinary Tract pathology
Topics covered include renal parenchymal disease, acute/chronic renal failure, and carcinomas.

Module 7: The Male Pelvis
Module 7 covers cysts and tumors, epididymitis, testicular torsion, trauma, benign prostate hypertrophy, and prostatic cancer.

Module 8: Abdominal Vasculature
Following Doppler, the abdominal aorta, visceral anatomy, and IVC obstruction is covered.


Module 9: Spleen, Retroperitoneum and GE Tract
Covers splenic anatomy/function, the retroperitoneum, lymphatic system, and the adrenal gland.

Module 10: Neck, MSK, and Invasive Procedures
Topics include thyroid anatomy and physiology, MSK, and complications of invasive procedures.