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Adult Echocardiography

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Module 1: Cardiac Pressures
Learn how to derive a complete cardiac hemodynamic profile from the echocardiographic exam through case presentation.

Module 2: Diastolic Filling
Demystify the process of assessing diastolic filling patterns. Technical tips and system optimization are integrated throughout the module.

Module 3: Aortic Stenosis
Multi-window interrogation is covered with technical tips on obtaining accurate data for the continuity equation, avoiding common errors.

Module 4: Subaortic Stenosis
Includes differentiating between spectral tracings of mitral regurgitation, subaortic stenosis, mid-cavity obstruction, and the aortic valve.

Module 5: Aortic Regurgitation
Case presentations demonstrate aortic regurgitation quantifying techniques with technical tips interspersed throughout the module.


Module 6: Mitral Stenosis
Techniques for determining mitral valve area, mean gradient, and pressure half time and limitations of the MV continuity equation.


Module 7: Mitral Regurgitation
Case presentations demonstrate evaluation of the velocity profile of the MR jet, vena contracta, optimization for PISA, and more.