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Package 1: Basic RVS Review

Earning the Registered Vascular Specialist (RVS) credential, offered by Cardiovascular Credentialing International, requires passing a one-part Vascular Registry Examination which includes ultrasound physics and vascular technology concepts. This package provides a comprehensive didactic review of the concepts tested on the CCI Registered Vascular Specialist exam.

Components of the package include:
Ultrasound Physics eCourse
Vascular Technology eCourse

Ultrasound Physics eCourse
The Ultrasound Physics eCourse is designed to cover the content tested on the Physics portion of the CCI RCS and RVS exams. Concepts covered include ultrasound math principles, waves, attenuation, pulsed wave operation, transducers, system operation, Doppler, artifacts, bioeffects, contrast and harmonics, quality assurance, and hemodynamics. Acclaimed physics author Frank Miele, MSEE, delivers these lectures in an engaging and interactive format, relating ultrasound physics to the clinical aspects of what ultrasound professionals do on a day-to-day basis.

Ultrasound Physics course materials:

Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, 5e: (course text) This comprehensive ultrasound physics text is uniquely divided into three levels, making it appropriate for the neophyte as well as the advanced practitioner. In addition to expert content with over 800 color images and illustrations, online ‘5e Extras’ provides a Quiz Bank, supplemental exercises, and an Animation and Image Library with over 275 animations, images, and AVIs.

Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation Study Guide: The Ultrasound Physics Study Guide provides a structured reference which outlines course text readings, conceptual questions, and exercises for each module. Not sure how to study for physics portion of the RVS exam? This guide will take the guess work out for you! Prepare with confidence.

Ultrasound Physics Viewing Time (including interactive questions): 22.5 hours
Ultrasound Physics Review Time (optional): 17 hours

Vascular Technology eCourse
Designed by the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and Pegasus Lectures, this course provides a comprehensive resource for ultrasound professionals desiring to improve their knowledge of vascular ultrasound and/or prepare for the vascular technology credential(s). The course, created in a flexible, modular format, consists of four sections: Arterial, Cerebrovascular, Venous, and Vascular Test Principles.

The unique Pegasus Direct delivery platform allows the participant to view modules at their convenience, print notes, and even create their own review session. During viewing of the core modules, the participant utilizes a playlist which allows for bookmarking areas of weakness or of particular interest for review. The player software recalls the participant’s bookmarks, creating a customized review, specific to each participant’s individual’s needs.

Vascular Technology course materials:

The Vascular Technology workbook which provides a concise overview of the concepts taught in the Vascular Technology eCourse is included.

Vascular Technology eCourse Viewing Time (including interactive questions): 15.0 hrs
Vascular Technology eCourse Review (optional): 11.5 hrs

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Ultrasound Physics eCourse: 22.5 SDMS CME credits
Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, 5e (course text): 35 SVU CME credits
Vascular Technology eCourse: 15.0 SVU CME credits

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VIP: $595.00
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