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I particularly liked the teaching style of Terry Reynolds. He reviews many of the more difficult concepts throughout the session........ Read More

Suzanne Molina

Vascular Technology: Cerebrovascular Review eCourse

Rita Shugart RN, RVT, FSVU presents a two-module, comprehensive Cerebrovascular Review beginning with extracranial and intracranial anatomy with anatomical variants followed by a discussion of the primary mechanisms of cerebrovascular disease. Patient history, clinical symptomatology and physical assessment are reviewed. The first module concludes with a segment covering extracranial vessel identification, flow patterns and plaque morphology in carotid duplex scanning. In Module 2 of the Cerebrovascular Review, Ms. Shugart discusses carotid duplex protocols and practical scanning tips. A review of carotid interpretation includes current diagnostic criteria, correlation criteria and techniques to identify conditions causing over and underestimation of carotid velocities. Other topics covered include miscellaneous pathology which may be encountered during a carotid duplex exam including subclavian steal, carotid dissection, carotid body tumor, fibromuscular dysplasia and neointimal hyperplasia. A segment on Transcranial Doppler and Imaging identifies intracranial anatomy, insonation windows, vessel depth, velocities, and direction of flow. This module concludes with a review of various correlation methods. Cerebrovascular Review eCourse length: Core concepts 2 hours 56 minutes plus 2 hours 12 minutes customized review.


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