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Package 1: Complete Physics Review

Ready to tackle the physics credentialing exam? The Complete Physics Package is all you will need to secure success and excel on your exam.

The Complete Physics Package includes:

  • SPI Physics eCourse
  • Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation, 5e textbook
  • Essentials of Physics: The Board Review Book
  • Ultrasound Physics ExamSim program

  • SPI Physics eCourse: This online eCourse is designed to cover the content tested on the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) exam and the Physics portion of the CCI RCS and RVS exams. Concepts covered include ultrasound math principles, waves, attenuation, pulsed wave operation, transducers, system operation, Doppler, artifacts, bioeffects, contrast and harmonics, quality assurance, and hemodynamics. The online streaming video lecture is delivered in an interesting way, related to what ultrasound professionals do on a day-to-day basis. Our unique Pegasus delivery platform allows you to customize your presentation, view modules at your convenience, print notes and even bookmark topics to create your own focused review session.

    Updated and expanded, Frank Miele's Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, 5th Edition remains the industry standard for students, sonographers, clinicians, residents and physicians honing their expertise and understanding of the underlying physics concepts and science behind ultrasound. With a balanced approach that focuses on better comprehension of ultrasound system operating principles, the reader can build competence and confidence in this fast-growing professional field.

    This educational resource, condensed into a single volume, has hundreds of clinical images, with specific sections highlighting Key Concepts and Common Misconceptions. The textbook is supplemented with access to '5e Online Extras' consisting of an Animation and Image Library, Quiz Bank, Supplemental Exercises and new chapters on emerging ultrasound technologies and applications."

    Feature Summary:
    • Hardcover, 625 pages
    • Full color
    • More than 800 images
    • Over 275 Animations, images and AVIs
    • Online Animation and Image Library
    • Online Quiz Bank
    • Supplemental Exercises
    • Additional Online Chapters
    22.5 SDMS CME for the seminar, 35 SVU CME for the textbook

    Essentials of Physics: The Board Review Book: Frank Miele, the highly acclaimed author of Ultrasound Physics, 4th Edition, leads you through the key concepts of ultrasound physics in this unique board preparation guide. Each brief chapter begins with a critical concept summary, followed by typical board questions. A thorough explanation is included with each question to not only prepare you for your exam but to improve your command of the subject. By providing an inside look at the key concepts and the test questions most often seen by exam takers, Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book gives you the edge on your credentialing exam.

    CME: 15 AMA/PRA Category 1 ($30 CME processing fee)

    Ultrasound Physics ExamSim Program: The Ultrasound Physics ExamSim utilizes a patented Intelligent Analysis algorithm to determine the participant’s level of preparedness for their credentialing exam. In addition to detailing areas of weakness, the program provides a breakdown of score by topic and subtopic so the user can target those areas in their final preparation. Information is captured with each keystroke during the practice exams allowing the participant to review their specific test-taking habits (i.e. how they are changing answers, what their score would have been if they had not changed answers, time per topic, question types they get wrong and how they performed relative to cardinal test-taking rules.) The comprehensive review section provides thorough explanations to ensure that the participant fully understands the rationale of the question. A full, interactive test-taking tutorial is also included and is designed to improve the user’s overall test-taking skills. Each exam can be taken up to eight times in test mode with unlimited access to all exams in review mode.

    16 SVU CME

    retail: $671.95
    VIP: $612.95
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