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March 2020 College Newsletter

Pegasus Lectures, Inc.

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In these days of uncertainty and increased stress as it relates to COVID-19, the staff of Pegasus Lectures would like to extend our help. With the understanding that many school programs will be disrupted by closures with the added challenge of how to continue the education process, we would like to offer the following assistance:

Pegasus Interactive

College Partners receive a 60% discount on our extensive list of eCourses. Use the course initially for distance learning and later for registry preparation. One course - two uses!
ExamSim/Case Study

Pegasus Lectures is offering up to 60% off our patented ExamSim and Case Study programs. This offer includes free access to the Instructor Tool.
Office Hours and
Cost Waivers

Additional, free office hours are offered to facilitate student learning and registry prep. Cost waivers are available to students financially impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

Pegasus Lectures' eCourses
The Ultimate in Distance Learning
Having integrated best practices for online learning into all of our eCourses, Pegasus Lectures delivers a comprehensive, expert solution for distance learning and registry preparation.

* PPT or course text depending on course content

Students are able to view course content or instructor-selected portions of the course content in the classroom with instructor direction. After classroom instruction, students have full, individual access to the entire course as a capstone review or for registry exam preparation.

eCourse Details
ExamSim and Case Study Programs
The patented Pegasus' ExamSim program provides a unique analysis of student preparation for their registry exam. In addition to detailing exam content weaknesses, the program assesses the student's test-taking habits and reports how those habits impact their exam score. Ultrasound Physics ExamSim includes questions in the advanced SIC item type!

Additional discount provide up to 60% off Additional discount provide up to 60% off ExamSim and Case Study programs and registry preparation.
With adoption of a Pegasus ExamSim, instructors receive FREE access to the Pegasus Instructor Tool, facilitating a detailed analysis of individual student and class performance.
Pegasus Lectures' Online Office Hours
In support of instructors struggling with limitations due to the COVID-19 virus, Pegasus Lectures offers expanded office hours. Email with topics that students experience difficulty and/or to create a customized study session for your class!

Ask a Question
Listen to what they are saying:
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed attending Frank’s online office hours today. He answered my question so thoroughly and I will definitely be sharing his explanation with my students. I can’t believe I waited so long to attend my first one. Believe me, I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll be making time to attend them all in the future!"
Instructor/Clinical Liason DMS Program, School of Health Sciences
Polytechnic Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
"My ultrasound physics class attended your office hours lecture and they really enjoyed it, especially the animation! Thank you for taking the time to do this."
Karen Watson, BS, RDMS(AB, OB/GYN), RVT(VT)
DMS Clinical Coordinator
Virginia College
Hardship Cost Waivers
Knowing that some people will experience additional financial stressors as a result of the current pandemic, we would like to extend our cost waiver program for students who are in need for circumstances outside of their control (sickness, loss of supplemental income, children who need care, additional healthcare costs, accidents, etc.)

We rely on the integrity of you, the instructor, to make sure that this program is not abused so that we can continue to offer this aid to students who truly are in need.

If you have identified a student who is unable to pay the discounted cost, contact Cindy Davis at or at 972-564-3056 and we will waive a portion or all of the cost as indicated by the degree of hardship.
Pegasus Lectures

Tel: 972-564-3056