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ExamSim Frequently Asked Questions


Do you recommend a specific internet browser to download the ExamSim Player?

Although the program download is compatible with all browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser, especially if you experience difficulties with IE and/or Safari.

Will the Pegasus player work on a MAC?

I just purchased the ExamSim Program. How do I access it?

I clicked on the ExamSim / Case Study Center panel and I only see ExamSim/Case Study Player Download and the rest is a white screen.

When I click on the launch player button nothing happens.

I clicked on launch player and now I am stuck on a screen with an Adobe Air Installer box running and nothing is happening.

I previously downloaded the ExamSim player. How do I access it? .

I downloaded the Pegasus Player. What is my login information?

I entered my login information into the ExamSim player login screen and the program could not validate my credentials.

I logged into the program successfully, but there are no ‘Active’ programs in my account.

I logged into the program successfully and my exam is listed under ’Active’ programs. When I click on the ’Begin’ button nothing happens.

I cannot advance to the next screen.

I am on the Main Menu, but the only button highlighted is CME.

I downloaded the Pegasus player on a computer that I decided not to use. How do I switch computers?

I started a test, how do I see the answers?

I completed an Exam and want to review my results but when I click on Exam, my answers are gone.

ExamSim Player Help and Tips

Screen Size:

The program opens a window that is 1024 x 768. If your maximum screen size is less than the program size in either dimension, part of the program will be cut off. To resize your computer screen you will need to open the Control Panel and find Display Settings. The Control Panel is usually accessible from the Windows Start menu. If a height of 768 is the maximum screen setting possible, you might want to move your windows taskbar to a side of the screen so that the bottom of the program will not be hidden.

Taking Exams:
  • The exams are timed (like the actual exam)
  • It is possible to stop an exam and return at a later time. This is achieved by clicking “End Exam” before the end of the allotted testing time expires and then choosing “Return Later.” Upon return, the exam will bring you back to the question last question you were reviewing.
  • The exam will be marked as “currently in progress” on the exam menu page.
  • Although it is possible to quit and return later, it is highly suggested that you take the exams in one sitting to better simulate an actual exam, and for better feedback from the analysis tool.
  • Each exam can be taken actively 8 times for a score.
  • An exam attempt is considered completed when either the allotted testing time expires or you choose “End Exam” and then “End Exam and Score” when prompted.

Exam Score Reports:
  • Exam score reports become active only once an exam attempt has been completed. You will not be able to see an exam score report if an exam attempt is currently in progress.
  • At the completion of an exam, you will be taken directly to the exam score report.
  • You can view the exam score reports for a completed exam at any time by choosing Reports from the main menu page.
  • The exam score reports can be printed.
  • If you take an exam more than once, the exam score report shows your results from the last exam attempt.

Reviewing Exams:
  • Once an exam is completed (either the allotted time for the exam expires or you have selected “End Exam and Score”) the Review button for that exam becomes active.
  • In review mode, you can see the exam questions, which choice you selected, the correct answer, and detailed explanations.
  • The review mode remains active even if you have used up all of your active exam attempts for a score.

Export Program (Moving program between computers):

If you would like to move the program between computers you must export the program from the main menu. The export feature deactivates the program from the current computer and allows you to activate it on a different computer. In order to export the program, you must use an external memory device such as a thumb drive (flash drive) or be connected to the internet. Exporting a program allows you to move all of your records including current exam status, exam reports, past exam scores, CME submittal information, etc. To export the program please use the following steps:
  • 1. Connect an external memory device (such as a USB drive) or to the internet
  • 2. Go to the Main menu of the program you want to export and select "Export Program"
  • 3. Follow the instructions on screen
  • 4. Launch the program on the target computer
  • 5. Connect the external memory device or to the internet, depending on the choices you made in
    steps 1 - 3
  • 6. On the "Selection" menu select "Import Program"
  • 7. Follow the instructions on screen
  • 8. Select the program from the list and click "Begin"

Submitting for CME:

CME submittal is only allowed once you have achieved a passing score on an exam. You can submit for partial or full credit. The CME submittal process takes place online. Selecting the "CME" option from the Main menu will open a browser window where you will find instructions on completing the process.