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Compression Therapy (package - c4)


Hugo Partsch, MD begins this four-module series on Compression Therapy by providing a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of compression therapy followed by a discussion of indications and contraindications of compression bandages. Module 2, presented by Joseph Caprini, MD covers the application of compression therapy in patients with chronic edema and leg ulcers. Dr. Caprini includes explanations of the differences in long and short-stretch bandages, the Static-Stiffness Index, and the proper use of various therapeutic compression devices. In Module 3: Post-Procedure, Giovanni Mosti, MD shows how to achieve therapeutic compression levels in patients after active therapy of varicose veins. MRI correlations provide unique insight into the effectiveness of compression bandaging. The last module in the Compression Therapy Series is presented by Drs. Partsch and Mosti in which they document proper bandaging techniques and the effectives of proper compression bandaging through demonstrations with the PicoPress pressure measurement system in static and dynamic conditions.

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