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Assessment of the Phlebology Patient (package - c1)


The Assessment of the Phlebology Patient four-module section begins with Helane Fronek, MD providing an overview of the spectrum of venous disease which leads into a discussion of the clinical manifestations of venous disease including reflux patterns and disease differentiation. In Module 2, Dr. Fronek utilizes the information taught in Module 1 to conduct a thorough and revealing clinical history and physical exam on two patients, one with a presentation of mild venous disease and the second with more advanced venous insufficiency and resulting sequelae. In Module 3, Stephanie Dentoni, MD discusses the physiology and pathophysiology of the venous system and examines the etiology and pathogenesis of primary and secondary varicose venous disease. This section concludes with Module 4 in which Joe Zygmunt, RT, RPhS provides a thorough presentation of the anatomy of the superficial, deep, and perforating systems.

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