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Venous Anatomy

Joseph Zygmunt, RVT, RPhS begins Module 4 with an historical overview of the detection and diagnosis of venous disease, leading to a discussion of key nomenclature revisions, anatomic terminology clarifications, general hemodynamic concepts, and structure of the leg compartments. Joe covers the structure and distribution of venous valves, function of the various muscle pumps including the hamstring muscle pump and Lejar’s Pump. In the Deep Venous section, Joe discusses the anatomy of infrainguinal and suprainguinal vessels, including pelvic leak points. In the Superficial Venous section, Joe elaborates on the distribution of reflux patterns and superficial venous anatomy, with an emphasis on the saphenous arch and the five major tributaries of the of the saphenofemoral junction, GSV types, and patterns. The final section of this module covers the perforating system, saphenous and sural nerves, the SPJ fascial curve, and incidental findings.

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