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Package 2: RPVI Physics Concentration

• RPVI Vascular Physics eCourse
• Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book
• RPVI ExamSim Program

Designed for physicians desiring a focused vascular physics review, this package contains the RPVI Vascular Physics eCourse, the Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book, and the RPVI ExamSim Program.

The RPVI Vascular Physics eCourse, consists of ten RPVI Vascular Physics modules.. Features of the eCourse include modular delivery, dual video streaming, interactive questions, viewable playlist, note-taking capability, companion PowerPoint printouts, chapter recall and CME. The participant can view the modules at their convenience. (See RPVI FAQs for details of program viewing.)

Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book was written specifically for physicians preparing for the RPVI and ASCeXAM credentialing exams. In this concise physics review book, core concepts are summarized, followed by typical board questions and thorough explanations to improve the reader’s command of ultrasound physics. Key exam lessons and test-taking hints are given throughout the book, teaching how to optimize exam preparation. This unique format makes it possible for those with limited time to efficiently study in small, discrete time intervals, maximizing exam results. (The core physics concepts are taught in the Vascular Physics portion of the RPVI Review eCourse. The Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book helps readers extrapolate the vascular physics concepts they have learned in the eCourse and apply that information to physics exam questions.)

The RPVI ExamSim Program utilizes a patented Intelligent Analysis algorithm (Patent No. 7,286,793) to determine the user’s level of preparedness for their credentialing board exam. In addition to detailing areas of weakness, the program provides a breakdown of score by topic and subtopic so the physician can target those areas in their final preparation. Information is captured with each keystroke during the practice exams allowing the user to review their test-taking habits (i.e. how they are changing answers, what their score would have been if they had not changed their answers, time per topic, question types they get wrong and how they performed relative to cardinal test-taking rules.) In addition, there is a review section which gives thorough explanations to ensure that the participant fully understands the question rationale. The RPVI ExamSim Program is now available in downloadable format, offering participants immediate access.

RPVI Vascular Physics eCourse: maximum 21 CME AMA Category 1 Credits™
RPVI Exam Simulation Program: 24.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
Essentials of Ultrasound Physics: The Board Review Book: 15.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

($30 CME processing fee per activity)

Note: Mac users must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Fox as the web browser. Safari will not work. The eCourse and ExamSim Program are available immediately upon completion of your purchase. Please check your email for login instructions. If you did not download the ExamSim player when prompted, you may download it now by clicking the ExamSim Player Download icon which is located at the bottom of the home page under quick links.

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