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Frank Miele is by far the best, most prepared Physics instructor I have ever come across.......and I have been in this industry for over 23 years! Terry Reynolds is another amazing author and instructor! Keep up the great work guys.....I am bowing as I am typing!....... Read More

Nick J Pasquale, DMS

Inside Ultrasound Vascular Workbook

The Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Workbook, companion to Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Reference Guide, is a must have for all cardiovascular students, educators, technologists, sonographers, physicians and anyone wanting to further their understanding of vascular disease and non-invasive vascular testing.

The Inside Ultrasound’s Vascular Workbook utilizes modern learning techniques to provide a fun, challenging, interactive experience for those who wish to further their education in the vascular field. The Vascular Workbook is the perfect complement to the Vascular Reference Guide, and both are essential resources for every vascular ultrasound, educational course and vascular facility.

Each section of the Vascular Workbook is organized with a combination of:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Essay questions
  • Optimization questions
  • Digital clips throughout for disease recognition, reporting and optimization.
QR codes are imbedded in selected images, simply use a QR scanner from your mobile device and immediately connect to an online image or video for disease recognition, reporting and optimization.

retail: $69.95